At Adara, we are determined to bring ruach–Spirit–back into the fold of Jewish celebrations.

Our newest collection for Rosh Hashanah and Sukkot was inspired by mythic Garden of Eden and Eve's favorite fruit, the pomegranate.

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Rimona Pomegranate Beaded Placemat

Inspired by the Hebrew word for pomegranate, Rimon, our Rimona placemat showcases the depth and beauty of this sacred fruit. Perfect for Rosh Hashanah and festive celebrations, this pomegranate is made from hand sewn glass beads with crystal-cut acrylic “seeds”.

Nakasha Serpent Beaded Placemat

Hypnotic, symbolic, and beautiful, Nakasha–inspired by the Hebrew word for serpent, nachash– is crafted by hand from 100% glass beads and functions as a placemat or a tabletop work of art.

Devra Apple & Honey Beaded Garland

Inspired by the Hebrew words d’vash for honey and d’vorah for bee, our Devra garland celebrates Rosh Hashanah’s most iconic elements, with bees, apples, and a honeycomb Star of David. 


Peri Apple Beaded Petite Mats (pair)

Inspired by the Hebrew word p’ri meaning fruit, our Peri petite mats come in pairs and are the perfect table decoration for any Rosh Hashanah apples & honey station.

Designed with intention in
San Francisco. Hand crafted by artisans. Infused with the energy of the sacred feminine.

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