Tradition doesn’t have to mean traditional.

At Adara, we are determined to bring ruach–Spirit–back into the fold of Jewish celebrations.

We hope these pieces bring high vibes holiday radiance into your home.

With gratitude,
Tara Townsend
Creator of Adara Rituals

Seraphina Merkaba - Lepidolite

With misty lavender hues, Lepidolite is calming and stress reducing. Sacred geometry engravings activate the crown chakra, bringing cosmic awareness.

Seraphina Merkaba - Clear Quartz

A colorless stone, Clear Quartz invites you to release what no longer serves you. Sacred Geometry engravings harmonize the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual planes.

Designed with intention in
San Francisco. Hand crafted by artisans. Infused with the energy of the sacred feminine.

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