Nakasha Serpent Beaded Placemat

Hypnotic, symbolic, and beautiful, Nakasha–inspired by the Hebrew word for serpent, nachash– is crafted by hand from 100% glass beads and functions as a placemat or a tabletop work of art.
The design of the Serpent contains within its patterns a fractalized six rayed star, connecting it back to its mystical origins.

The serpent is a complex figure, featuring prominently throughout Jewish literature. In Genesis, the serpent in the Garden of Eden is described as cunning and deceitful, ultimately becoming cursed for encouraging Eve to eat the forbidden fruit. In The Book of Numbers, we see serpents attack the Hebrews in the desert, causing death and suffering – however, the cure could not be curiouser: Moses receives instructions from the Divine to construct a bronze serpent statue on a pole, and all who look upon it are mysteriously cured.

In the Kabbalah, the Path Of The Serpent up the Tree of Life, touches each of the Sephirot, and is a path of gnosis and self-transformation, from the bottom of the tree to the top. Paradoxically, looking back to Eden, the Serpent’s role was the opposite, hastening Eve and Adam’s descent down the Tree of Life, from the Garden in Da’ath to the Earth in Malkuth.

The serpent is good and bad, harmful and helpful, two sides of the same coin… and round and round it goes.

15" x 15"

Our hand beaded designs are delicate and unique. Treat them gently and follow our care instructions to keep them fresh and festive for all the occasions to come!

Not for use as a trivet; do not place hot dishes or cookware on top of your beaded items.

Shake off any crumbs or food residue, then brush softly with a toothbrush. If necessary, use a mild cleanser for deeper cleaning, but be sure to air dry completely before storing. Do not use a hair dryer for drying, as beads and sequins could melt with high heat.

If beaded table runners or placemats curl up on edges, flatten with a heavy book, or curl them in the opposite direction momentarily and then lay flat.

Beads, sequins, and other embellishments may break or fall off your item even with gentle use, be sure to store carefully to avoid snags and damage.