Devra Apple & Honey Beaded Garland

Inspired by the Hebrew words d’vash for honey and d’vorah for bee, our Devra garland celebrates Rosh Hashanah’s most iconic elements, with bees, apples, and a honeycomb Star of David.
The garland’s hand-beaded charms are layered with symbolic significance, including the apple which has a sixth seed added to create a six-pointed star. The bees and honeycomb complete the garland with connotations of sweetness, wisdom, and good health in the year to come.

Honey has long been a powerful symbol and poetic reference to the sweet nectar of the gods (or the nectar from within the goddess…), and has historic associations to royalty and prosperity. Pharaohs were entombed with pots of honey and honey was seen as a gift of the Divine across ancient Sumerian and Mesopotamian cultures - especially as bees were not cultivated and hives were quite wild. It’s also worth noting honey’s special status amongst foods for Jews: it is the only food deemed kosher that comes from an non-kosher animal.

The ancient Jews and Babylonians associated honey with the goddess of sexuality, Astarte, of whom the wise King Solomon adored. Some scholars believe his ode to Israel in his Song of Songs is in fact a sensual love poem to Astarte herself : “Your lips distill nectar, my bride; Honey and milk are under your tongue..”

While bees and honey may not have been featured prominently in the Eden tale, bees must have been in the Garden to pollinate all those sweet fruits and flowers, and we are thrilled to include two beautiful bees on our garland, as well as the hexagonal pattern of a honeycomb within our Star of David.

Ornaments 4" x 4" Cord 72"

Our hand beaded designs are delicate and unique. Treat them gently and follow our care instructions to keep them fresh and festive for all the occasions to come!

Not for use as a trivet; do not place hot dishes or cookware on top of your beaded items.

Shake off any crumbs or food residue, then brush softly with a toothbrush. If necessary, use a mild cleanser for deeper cleaning, but be sure to air dry completely before storing. Do not use a hair dryer for drying, as beads and sequins could melt with high heat.

If beaded table runners or placemats curl up on edges, flatten with a heavy book, or curl them in the opposite direction momentarily and then lay flat.

Beads, sequins, and other embellishments may break or fall off your item even with gentle use, be sure to store carefully to avoid snags and damage.