Peri Apple Beaded Petite Mats (pair)

Inspired by the Hebrew word p’ri meaning fruit, our Peri petite mats come in pairs and are the perfect table decoration for any Rosh Hashanah apples & honey station.
Hand beaded from glass beads with a subtle infinity pattern, each apple is adorned with a gold leaf made from glass beads and sequins. Our Peri Apple Petite Mats provide an easy way to elevate and enhance your new year rituals!

While the apple may have not been the fruit in the Garden of Eden, given its impact and societal role, it still holds a place within our Eden collection. The Hebrew word for apple is tapuach, and does not appear in this tale, and instead we read the word p’ri meaning fruit. Thus the name Peri for our apple petite mats is a tongue-in-cheek reference to this precise mis-use and wrongful inclusion of apples within the Eden parable. (Note: The Talmud shares that the fruit in question would likely be one of Seven Species of Eden - fig, date, pomegranate, olive, grape, wheat, or barley, and most biblical scholars believe it to have been a pomegranate.)

However, apples have become a part of Jewish religious traditions and culture and are found referenced in later biblical texts, such as in Solomon's Song of Songs, where he shares that "As the apple is rare and among the trees of the forest, so is my beloved -- Israel -- amongst the maidens (nations) of the world."

The subtle infinity pattern contained within the apple is a reference to the concept of “Ein Sof”, or the endless oneness of the Divine, thought to be the emanator, or predecessor to the ten sephirot of the Kabbalah’s Tree of Life.

8.5" x 10"

Our hand beaded designs are delicate and unique. Treat them gently and follow our care instructions to keep them fresh and festive for all the occasions to come!

Not for use as a trivet; do not place hot dishes or cookware on top of your beaded items.

Shake off any crumbs or food residue, then brush softly with a toothbrush. If necessary, use a mild cleanser for deeper cleaning, but be sure to air dry completely before storing. Do not use a hair dryer for drying, as beads and sequins could melt with high heat.

If beaded table runners or placemats curl up on edges, flatten with a heavy book, or curl them in the opposite direction momentarily and then lay flat.

Beads, sequins, and other embellishments may break or fall off your item even with gentle use, be sure to store carefully to avoid snags and damage.