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Sabbath Queen Challah Cover - Lavender Cosmos

Sale price$160.00

A deeply magickal, tarot-inspired challah cover, delivering an energetic transmission of Divine Feminine energy from the Queen of the Sabbath. Limited Edition; only 100 produced.

An original illustration to pay homage to the original Goddess - the Schechina. Referred to as the “Sabbath Bride” or the “Sabbath Queen” - she is the creative feminine essence that is both of the Earth and of the Cosmos. The vesica pisces symbol in her hair contains the original separation - the seed of all life and creation.

Designed with intention by women in San Francisco and crafted by hand by fair-trade artisans at a female-owned and operated studio in Kolkata, India - a city that once boasted the largest population of Jews in Asia- this piece of Jewish material culture brings forth ancient Kabbalastic wisdom and the poetic currents of the Sefer Yetzirah into a purposeful work of art.