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Passover Tray - Miriam's Timbrel

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Give Miriam a place at your seder with our Timbrel matzah plate, featuring our alchemical interpretation of her legendary hand drum, graphically illustrated in black and gold on white.

Hand crafted in Sweden from sustainable birch, this allover serving piece offers a stylish way to serve food and feminist values at your next festive gathering.

Enhance your seder experience with our “Shine a Light on Miriam” activation. Weaving together information across talmudic and midrashic sources, with contributions from bible research scholars and poets, our card provides a comprehensive and exciting new look at all the ways Miriam’s efforts led to the continuation of the Hebrew peoples.

Purchase includes 1 Miriam’s Timbrel Matzah Plate + 1 “Shine a Light on Miriam” activation guide.