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Article: Seraphina Merkabas

Seraphina Merkabas

The Merkaba is an extremely powerful symbol and tool to nourish and enhance your auric field. The word Merkaba originates from the Hebrew word  מֶרְכָּבָה meaning chariot and has been found in Egyptian hieroglyphics as Mer-Ka-Ba, meaning light-spirit-body.


Sapphire blues and swirls of white make this stone a standout. Sodalite enhances self-trust and supports rational thought and intuition. The sacred geometry engravings along the edge of this Merkaba stimulate interconnectedness, unifying the logical and spiritual selves.

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Seraphina Merkaba - Lepidolite

With swirling lavender hues, this powerful stone is calming and stress reducing. The sacred geometry engravings activate the stone’s chakral connection, opening the crown chakra to reduce anxiety fog and bring greater cosmic clarity and awareness.

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Seraphina Merkaba - Clear Quartz

A colorless stone, known as the "master healer," Clear Quartz absorbs what no longer serves you. The sacred geometry engravings on the edge stimulate interconnectedness, harmonizing the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual planes.

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Seraphina Merkaba - Onyx

The jet black stone of protection, Onyx promotes strength and stamina. The triangular engravings amplify the stone’s vigor, stimulating the power of wise decision-making and good fortune.

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Seraphina Merkaba - Rose Quartz

The luscious pink stone of Venus, this Merkaba encourages passion, romance, and self love. The sacred geometry engravings are chakra activators, stimulating universal loving kindness through the heart chakra.

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