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Pomegranates for Passover Printable

Download our Haggadah Supplement for a Post-October 7th Feminist Passover Seder 2024

Bring feminist values to your Post-Oct 7th Passover Seder using Adara Rituals' Free Two-Page Seder Supplement. 

Forget the orange on the Seder Plate—this year, include pomegranates as a symbol of standing with Israeli women.

Pomegranates have grown in the middle east for millenia and are also a longstanding symbol of the sacred female. Use our easy ritual guide and read-aloud to connect with the symbolism and enhance your Passover.

Pomegranates for Passover - IG Post.png__PID:0b9dfedf-f05c-49d1-80a2-e7f18e111eac
pomegranate passover - Landing Page B2 (730 x 277 px).png__PID:6cdd9d2d-8f93-4c4e-87da-cd5e2832228f

Download a free two-page guide to honor the women of Israel during your Seder

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